Repash Studio


About Us

Rick & Darlene Repash

We are Rick and Darlene Repash.

We specialize in portrait and wedding photography. As photographers, it is our privilege to share in some of the most important and meaningful moments in our clients’ lives. Our goal is to capture those moments with artistic, emotional, and beautiful images.

For us, it all began years ago with a single roll of film developed in a high school darkroom­ that Rick set up with permission from his science teacher. Those images—shots that Rick took mostly of his girlfriend (and future wife), Darlene—mark the beginning of a lifelong passion for photography.

We believe that a truly great photo has an indescribable and amazing emotional power. Past, present, and future, we work hard to share that power with every person we photograph. We look forward to the opportunity to use our experience and creativity to capture your special moments.